The Things We Should Be Talking About.

It was quite a happy coincidence that the year before a global pandemic hit, I enrolled in a Holistic Nutritionist program. Gaining a solid understanding of how to take care of my own body the way that it wants to be cared for, and having the platform to share this valuable information with others is such a blessing. Some of the topics we have covered in class have been hard lessons to learn, and difficult to accept. These lessons have required me to change my perception of so many things, including myself, and the world around me. 

One of my homework assignments this week focused on the dangers of pharmaceuticals. This assignment was one of those difficult, eye opening lessons. In a time of pandemic, when our leaders should be educating the world on how to take responsibility and create strong healthy bodies, the exact opposite message is being broadcast. Instead of encouraging a healthy lifestyle, we are being told that the only way to make it through this pandemic is by relying on the production of a vaccine. Where is the education on, and discussion of relying on the incredible benefits of eating a clean, organic diet, incorporating regular exercise, reducing stress and developing a positive internal dialogue? Instead, we are being told that the only way to stay safe is through isolation, mask wearing, and  dangerous pharmaceuticals.

This week I learned that approved prescription drugs have a 1 in 5 chance of causing a serious reaction. Pharmaceutical prescriptions that have been properly prescribed cause roughly 1.9 million hospitalizations in the U.S. each year. Add to that, another 840,000 serious reactions in patients who are already hospitalized. This adds up to over 2.7 million serious reactions caused by prescription drugs. Of these 2.7 million reactions, about 128,000 deaths per year are reported here in the United States. In fact, prescription drug deaths rank as the 4th leading cause of death, tied with stroke. These numbers are strictly based on properly prescribed medications.  These numbers don’t take into account medical errors or overdoses.

I am not suggesting that pharmaceuticals are not important. There are many life saving drugs that are very important. What I am suggesting is that we shed some light on the power of a healthy lifestyle. I am suggesting that we start talking about natural ways to actually improve our health and strengthen our immune systems. I am suggesting that instead of putting a band-aid on our “symptoms”, we address our health head on, stop poisoning our bodies with the toxins and chemicals that we consume each and every day, and begin to fuel our bodies with the nutrients they need. By taking these steps, we will be giving ourselves a chance to live strong, healthy, resilient and happy lives! 

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